Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that my property needs reblocking?

Common signs include cracks in walls, uneven floors, door and window misalignment, and sagging or sloping floors. If you notice any of these indicators, it’s crucial to seek professional advice.

How long does the reblocking process take?

he duration depends on various factors, such as the size of your property, the extent of foundation damage, and the complexity of the project. Our team will provide an estimate after assessing your specific requirements.

Do you offer warranties for your reblocking services?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our work. We provide warranties for our reblocking services to give our clients peace of mind. Our team will explain the warranty coverage and terms during the consultation.”

Can I stay in my home during the reblocking process?

In most cases, you can continue living in your home during the reblocking process. However, certain factors, such as the extent of the work and your specific circumstances, may require temporary relocation. Our team will guide you through the process and discuss the best approach for your situation.

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